TAGLINE: You better GYST on PMS or you’re history!

My son has been working on a blog with a very strong and simple theme. The five principles of Customer Satisfaction are exactly the same as the five principles of Profit Maximization. Now nothing could be simpler: take the five steps to satisfy customers and you have taken the five steps to maximize profits in the long term. Naturally, he’s been working on developing a clever tagline to identify his site and his concept.

The name of his site is Strategyst.com and one of the taglines he developed is “The Gyst of the Customer Experience” which he discarded when someone pointed out that an obscure meaning of gyst is to “get your stuff together” rather than “the main or essential part of a matter” (gist). Now making decisions based on the meaning of very obscure acronyms is probably the epitome of political correctness which I’m not. I still like “The Gyst of Profit Maximization” or some variant of that concept but then I’m an old fashioned businessman who thinks that profit maximization is a noble purpose.

According to the Urban Dictionary, GYST is an acronym for “Get Your Shit Together” with roots in the Military. It is used when correcting someone for not following procedures or for other minor goof-ups. Occasionally it’s used at the end of a message for more serious problems.
Example: “You better gyst or you’re history.”

Now in my mind, if we are considering the potential meaning of acronyms when designing strong marketing taglines then I kind of like:

You better GYST on PMS or you’re history!

In other words, You better Get Your Shit together on Profit Maximizing Strategy or you’re history. In essence that is what my son’s blog is all about and no message to business could be stronger.


2 Responses to “TAGLINE: You better GYST on PMS or you’re history!”

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