Good Taglines are Worth the Effort.

My son gave me a corporate shirt which had the corporate name and the tagline “Freedom of Choice” which got me to thinking about Tags and taglines In the blogsphere Tags are the gateway to knowledge sharing as they are used to build the file system for shared interests. In business, taglines have been part of the advertising and promotional mix for over a century. The Real McCoy was thought to be a tagline for either a whiskey, a boxer or a black inventor about 150 years ago. Ivory has been 99 and 44/100 percent pure for over 100 years and The Pause that Refreshes has been used by Coke since 1929. I Googled all of the taglines and references to whiskey, Coke, Ivory Soap and Elijah McCoy show up on the first page. When I Googled “Freedom of Choice” I couldn’t find a company reference.

My favorite meaningful and memorable tagline is from Lew Henley’s Sewage Disposal in St. Thomas which claims to be “#1 in a #2 Business”. Pretty much that gives you the who and what in a cute package. “Coke is it” does the same as does the “Pause that Refreshes”. If a small business can be clever it makes you question what’s wrong with big business that use stupid taglines. Truth be told much of this crap probably comes from the chairman’s girlfriend who thinks it’s cute.

I saw another really bad tagline on a UPS truck and I couldn’t remember what it was so I Googled UPS taglines to refresh my memory. Seems they have had quite a few different taglines on the trucks and they have fired advertising agencies over bad ones. It took me 5 pages or references to find the bad one that I was looking for and I swear that it was on trucks up to a couple of years ago.

In the next post, I’ll have fun looking at the history of UPS taglines as reported by Google.


5 Responses to “Good Taglines are Worth the Effort.”

  1. Andrew Says:

    One of the challenges that you have now is that taglines are incorporated into the image graphic and thus wouldn’t be picked up by search engines.

  2. Bizmaster Says:

    This is the best argument I have seen for the new W3 accessibility standards. By using the Alt tag the search engines would always get the meaning and importance of your graphic.

  3. lauren Says:

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