For those who are in business to earn a decent living, you should bookmark This site is updated daily, is well written and loaded with knowledge. It’s written by my son and includes examples of well run and poorly run businesses and how it impacts profits. If I have any criticisms, he has not yet learned to use common popular tags which would allow anybody to find him. As an author his major concern is to index the site in a manner that the book he’s developing has a decent index. As a blogger, my concern is that people are able to find the information they need on an almost infinite web.

Most of his blog is currently being used to develop strategy based on The Five Pillars of Profit Maximization. If a company fails to do any of the five they will fail to achieve maximum profits and eventually they will fail. The model is that simple. The work was originally developed as The Five Pillars of Customer Satisfaction but as we worked with the model we began to recognize that customer satisfaction is not the reason to start a business; earning a profit is. At the same time the same five business principles of customer satisfaction will achieve maximum profits probably with a few more necessary. The focus is on the five at this time because if you don’t have these the rest won’t matter. The original work was posted on the web around 1999-2000 and is still there today with a few hundred visitors a day.

My other concern is that most people read blogs for a daily insightful moment and do not start at the beginning. As a matter of fact, wordpress is really not set up to read the journal or the manuscript for a book in chronological order as my son intends it. This is why editors can find an author and publish a book from a blog and it appears to be all new and unique copy. The daily advices he is offering is good, reading his whole book will be even better.


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